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Zhao Tong has realized what's struggling right now waiting in the cell door, looking of the effort, when would melancholy be ceased after i will end up in front from the cell door, Zhao Tong insurance called out.
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 Therefore, also doubles as the people they hate.
"Oh, mango statement if you ask me, she cannot understand what are you doing inside the Hall. "I immediately defended mango.
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Joy screaming with a Bell with Frost, unprecedented crowd livens up and bowed to the strike so thoroughly deserved victory proclaims, he took the overall game not seen.
SA-magic, evil gold, zheerdan, all veteran saibei Bandit, in a single incredible hard cover first, after which to kill sleeves can not strike, only then play in desperate to reverse in disadvantage.
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 Ice blue interface: "guys, see you like hard, were very worried about you, your tired, but dared not say, affects your company ... ... Actually tonight we awake, yet sisters worry, and so i pretended to fall asleep ... ... Many people are waiting for you to return ... ... Didn't sleep for hours until daybreak, just slept until dawn for a while ... ... "
"What became of your brother? "Big sister doesn't have idea what, but curiosity is sign of a lady and cannot help asking.
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